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Product Brochures

Life Insurance companies are constantly changing their product lineup in order to stay competitive in the market place.  Below is a list of carriers products and their corresponding brochures.  These marketing tools will provide product specifications, case examples, and general product knowledge that can be shared with your clients during the sale process. 


Available Files

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     Life Insurance
               Product Brochures
               Policy Specs
               Medical Requirements & Guidelines
               Impairment Questionnaires
               Carrier Specific Niche Impairment UW
               Table Shave & Lifestyle Credit Programs
               MetLife Rapid eUnderwriting
               Jumbo Case Submission Tips
               Wait & See Estate Planning Technique
               Policy Review
               Concentrated Stock Position
               Quit Smoking Incentive
               External Term Conversion
          Linked Benefit Products (LTC)
               Lincoln Financial MoneyGuard Reserve
               John Hancock LifeCare
               West Coast Life ExtendCare

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