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Oct 242014



Dump the Money and Run

Split each case into two identical policies. The first advantage is that this gives you more options at year 15; rather than having to make an all or nothing decision, you could choose to surrender/refund half the coverage.

The really exciting part is that if you decide to surrender one of the polices, the ROP would pay up the reamaining policy beyond age 100 for less cost vs any other scenario.


Please contact me with any questions or if you'd like to see how this might work for one of your cases.


Jim Aaron, Jr.

Oct 012014

Trans ACE UL - The product of choice for 1035X

Great No Lapse rates with ROP flexibility. Let us take a look at a case today and see why we are placing so much UL-G with Transamerica.

Check out the link below to see how powerful the cash back feauture can be compared to ther GUL products. The MultiFlex Surrender Value column is what you want to focus on.


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